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The Internet provides us with multiple opportunities. Especially when it comes to business. If you run a construction business or provide architecture projects, you must have a website nowadays. And the best choice for you will be a website developed specially for construction business and real estate agencies. This is why we present you Carantia Joomla Template. It has clean, yet eye-catchy design developed by professionals. This design is fully editable and contains many useful features and pre-built pages. You can play with design and make your very own and unique website. You can blog and advertise your company via social options. It contains even more features that can boost your business. So check the product page to find out more.

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This Construction Firm Joomla template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design ensures that the page adjusts its shape and size in order to suit virtually any screen, from the tiniest phones to the widest Laptop monitors. For every single gadget, internet page components widen or greatly reduce to seem perfect.

Why is it Good?

Responsive web page design helps to enhance user experience and give you a maximum access to the website page data from any gadget.

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This is a Bootstrap Photography Joomla design theme

What is it?

Bootstrap is actually a super popular framework, which makes the work with HTML, Style sheet and also JS much easier. It had been produced as a tool to set up a responsive design, however over time it inserted lots of extra overall performance.

Why is it Good?

Through the help of Bootstrap, you may produce absolutely responsive web designs by means of HTML and CSS based templates for typography, print styles, forms, buttons, tables, et cetera.

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This is a Parallax Design Magazine Joomla design template

What is it?

Parallax is the widely used web page design effect, which will make the background and therefore front components transfer at different rates of speed.

Why is it Good?

It creates a vivid perception for the customer, and thus getting a large audience and making visitors to stick to the web page. That's a great way to include a highlight to a one-page website, revive an infographic, tell a story or show off a portfolio.

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This Construction Company Joomla design theme is Retina Ready

What is it?

Retina ready design relates to a high-resolution display, where pixel density is really high, so the human eye can't find out individual pixels.

Why is it Good?

Being Retina Ready your website becomes accessible from Apple devices which expands the amount of prospective customers.

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Additional Features
  • Additional Features: Advanced Theme Options, Alternative Module Layouts, Commenting System, Google map, Google Web Fonts, Modules Bundle Install, Quickstart Package, Sample content, Social Options, Sortable Gallery, Background Options
  • Animation: HTML plus JS, Parallax
  • Coding: 1170 Grid System, CSS 3, HTML 5, Semantic Code
  • Features: Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Responsive, Retina Ready
  • Installation: Installation and set up instructions are attached (look for Documentation folder).
  • Joomla Compatibility: 3.9.?
  • Joomla Engine: 3.9
  • Joomla! Modules: Articles - Newsflash, Articles Single, Bootstrap Collapse, Bootstrap Tabs, TM Ajax Contact Form, Komento
  • Language Support: English
  • Lastmod: 2019-09-21T06:15:24-04:00
  • Template Icon: icon-joomla
  • Topic: Architecture, Construction Company Templates, Design
  • Web Forms: Contact Form, Login Form, User Registration, Search Form
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