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Musical Party Banner - Corporate Identity Template  Corporate identity Template
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Vector music symbols composition in cartoon style with shape.

Musical Party Banner contains vector inspirational stylish music illustration in bright color theme.

Cartoon concert, music festival and happy template is ideal for print, clothes, poster, flyer, invitation, hipster or retro style and other design icons and elements about sound, dancing, song, melody, youth life and positive emotions. Rock n roll and jazz club concept.

Musical Party Banner is created from fashion cute and funny music symbols:

  • musical sounds in view thunderbolts with stars,
  • retro vinyl record,
  • two-eighth musical note,
  • guitar pick,
  • treble clef,
  • eighth musical note,
  • acoustic or classic guitar,
  • dynamic microphone,
  • music monitor speaker,
  • pause button,
  • play button,
  • stop button,
  • headphones or music headset,
  • drum with sticks.

Musical Party Banner includes files:

  • 1 EPS file;
  • 1 JPG file.

You can use Illustrator 10 or above to open and edit the EPS file.

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